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September 19, 2017

Portfolio Update 19/09/2017

Here with the latest portfolio update, focusing primarily on $USDCAD, $GBJPY, & $EURGBP. Profit in last 7 days is at $2100, and all 7 positions except $USDCAD are at profit.
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3 Characteristics of Winning Traders – Traits you must develop

There are certain character traits that are crucial to your success as a trader – Luckily, these can all be learnt at any time. Some people believe that you have to be super-intelligent, good with numbers, and that people are ‘natural-born traders’. This is simply wrong. This was conclusively shown to be false by the...
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3 Characteristics of Losing Traders – Spotting your Bad Habits

Being a profitable trader is an achievement so many aspire for and yet so few are able to realise. Even with a profitable strategy, a few bad habits can destroy any chances of success. When I first started I made every mistake in the book, which I am very open about when I discuss my...
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