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I am 3 months using the signals and my account is up 40%. That is phenomenal but need to see how it pans out long term. Can’t run that hot all the time but even half that would be amazing.
Haven’t started on the course yet but will do when I have time.
They are very helpful and answer any questions asked. They also provide coaching sessions which are invaluable.
The reason for 4 stars rather than 5 as it is still early days. Want to give as honest a review as possible.

John O'Brien

I have been following the two traders for a while and decided to purchase the signals package, the quality of the signals are great and always well analysed, although I am in the early stages I have been making a consistent profit, I have great confidence in Karl and look to purchase the full course to see what it has to offer.

Alex Keir

As being new to trading I am very glad that I have found The Two Traders for the following reasons:
– all the easy to read free content with assisting videos
– a clear strategy which helps knocking out emotional trading.
Very, very fast in replying to all your questions and taking time to explain.
– their vision on sharing all their info for people that are willing to learn trading for free.

All in all a great platform for finding info and asking questions about trading markets.


Stef Willeboordse

Bought the trading course at the discounted rate and to say I’m impressed is an understatement. I’ve learnt alot in a short space of time.

Nicholas Tamplin

Took my first step to start trading after stumbling across the Two Traders. The amount of knowledge you can learn from these guys is crazy. I highly recommend their course, I’ll also be testing out their signals in the near future.

Michael Charlesworth

The only place which I learnt lots of stuff; they don’t give you fish but they teach you to fish, so you can do it by your self. Highly recommend them.
Thanks Karl

Ahmad Zubair Hashimi

Analysis is spot on, really took my trading to the next level. Would recommend to anyone looking to learn, top course!

Jack Payne

Brilliant guys, helping me into the world of trading!

Patrick Sear

Very usefull infos for beginners. All basics are covered in the course and friendly people are in the chatroom, answering questions. I like it!

Rene Zimmel

Highly informative page well developed with great advice for great results!

Kirsty O'Donnell

Since finding the Two Traders and taking their online course it’s taken my trading up a level. Been using their signal service for 6 months with a nice return.

Nick Carter

Great results with great advice. These two guys are worth listening to!

Omar Yassine

These guys are doing some fantastic work . Great content on their website JOIN THEM SO YOU CAN SEE BY YOURSELF.

Stay Awwa

Highly informative, well developed page what gives great advice to anyone wishing to begin trading such as myself.

Matt Kubal

Check out their website as well. Great info and quick replies to questions!

Wout Oostenbrink

Solid safe trading advice well worth joining up

David Higginson
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