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Mastering Price Action and Technical Analysis

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Welcome to The Two Traders’ market-leading trading course on Mastering Price Action and Technical Analysis. This comprehensive programme will break down all the important aspects of trading and help you become a profitable trader!

By the end of this programme you should be able to trade any market with a clear and effective method using price action!

What will you learn in the course?

It’s a comprehensive trading course in video and text format including tests.

  • Looking at the markets differently, how to set yourself apart from other traders
  • How to look at and assess current price position – is the trade worth the risk?
  • Looking at supply and demand
  • Price action with technical analysis
  • When should I not be trading?
  • Discovering the beginning of new trends
  • Using a filters & trigger process for optimum trade performance
  • The 5 key psychological hurdles that traders face.
Course Structure:


  • You’ll have access to the first 2 sections of the course. These will give you a core understanding of the markets, be sure to take your time!
  • Live Market breakdown with Karl and Dave (twice a month).
  • 2 live group webinars with our market analyst Patrick who will be able to help with any questions.
  • A test at the end of each section.
  • Passed both tests? Time to move on to the intermediate level!


So now you’re ready to step up and begin to look at trading in more depth, Our trader Dave will oversee this section. Here’s what’s involved!

  • Access to the next section of our course, things begin to move a little faster now and go more in-depth.
  • You should be putting the lessons into practice on your demo account at this point.
  • Dave will be holding 2 live group webinars a month.
  • Live Market breakdown with Karl and Dave (twice a month).
  • A test at the end of the section.
  • Once you’ve passed you’ll be ready to move onto advanced trading with our day trader Karl, looking at price action!

Advanced: Price Action

  • You should now be at a level where you’re ready to go even further in-depth. 
  • Looking at where the big players are.
  • Reading price action using support/resistance.
  • How to trade breakouts using price action.
  • Recognising potential turning points in a trend.
  • How to enter a trade at the money spot.
  • 2 live webinars a month

Hopefully, by now you’ve set up a trading account. It’s extremely important to get familiar with live charts and begin to put practice into action. If you’ve not yet set up a trading account, you can HERE.