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The Two Traders partners with Elite Tier Racing

I am really excited to announce our first partnership is with racing community and Esports team Elite Tier Racing (ETR). With 450 members, ETR champions fair racing and has the motto “Respect always places higher”. As we look to expand and grow the The Two Traders community we are exploring mutually beneficial partnerships with groups...
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What are Futures Contracts?

Rollovers and contract expiration are some of the most confusing terms for retail traders. So, what are they and do they affect your trading?
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5 Reasons Why Learning To Trade Will Be Your Best Decision Ever

I first got involved in trading during the summer of 2013. I was convinced I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life in an office working for someone else’s dream, but hadn’t yet figured out how I’d make my own way. Throughout most of my teenage years I was an avid poker player,...
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Which Type Of Trader Are You?

The amount of time a financial instrument is held by a trader defines their style of trading. The type of trader you are, or choose to be, will be highly dependent on your personality. Do you prefer to have complete oversight over your work, investing the greater part of your day into perfecting your projects?...
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3 Characteristics of Winning Traders – Traits you must develop

There are certain character traits that are crucial to your success as a trader – Luckily, these can all be learnt at any time. Some people believe that you have to be super-intelligent, good with numbers, and that people are ‘natural-born traders’. This is simply wrong. This was conclusively shown to be false by the...
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