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Trading Tips

What are Futures Contracts?

Rollovers and contract expiration are some of the most confusing terms for retail traders. So, what are they and do they affect your trading?
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Market Watch

Here are some of the Forex and Commodity markets we are currently watching,  potentially looking to find entries over the next few days.  Coffee is at a low but will we see a reversal?, Nat gas is trying to reverse after hitting support, has GBPUSD reversed or have we just seen a pullback? and  where...
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Group of smiling investors, happy due to having successfully diversified their investments to improve their profitability.

Diversifying your Investments in Simple Steps

Diversification is one of the most crucial elements to trading success, and simply put, it means don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversifying your investments enables you to draw on the fact that some markets will perform poorly, when elsewhere another market is doing well. You can draw on the strengths of different...
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Where next for Bitcoin?

The question is, where next for Bitcoin? This is something I’ve been asked regularly over the past year, unfortunately it’s not an easy  question to answer. No one has a crystal ball, it’s a matter of waiting for either a support or resistance level to break. When these levels are broken we tend to see...
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Trading Top Tip: Cut Losses Early

This is my number one rule when it comes to trading – cut your losses early. When it comes to trading, managing your risk is the most crucial element to future success. This means knowing when you’re wrong and doing something about it.
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Trading Top Tip: Understand How To Use Margin & Leverage

These two characteristics of trading enable you to utilise your equity to its maximum. Without these, it would be near impossible to make decent returns without a huge starting bankroll. However, they are often poorly understood by traders, with disastrous consequences. Let’s start by defining the two concepts
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Trading Top Tip – Always Use A Stop Loss

Trading without a stop loss is like catching a train without a ticket. 9 times out of 10 you feel might make a small gain, but the 10th time when you get caught you pay a hefty price. Going in to a position without knowing where you’ll cut your losses ventures out of trading territory...
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Trading Top Tip: Learn Before You Earn

A mistake most novices make is to try and jump straight in to the market, with no real idea what they are doing. I know, because I did exactly this. They inevitably wind up losing money, and most give up and join the rest of the 99% of people who lose money to the markets.
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