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Market Analysis

Is It A Good Time To Buy Oil?- Oil Hits 18 Year Low

We are in unprecedented times. Crude Oil has hit an 18 year low. What is driving this? Is it a good time to buy oil? Read on for my thoughts...
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April Profit Week 1 Analysis

A nice start to April, here is the analysis for a couple of the trades. New traders should especially pay attention to the EURGBP trade as the market was pretty much perfect! If you have any question regarding technical analysis please get in touch.
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Today’s Nasdaq US100 Trade

Watch the video for some technical analysis on the US100 trade we sent out in our community. This is a trade we did not profit from!
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Natural Gas

One of our most experienced community members, Tom, gives us his insight on Natural Gas. Watch the video here!
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Big Profit on GBPUSD – Trade Analysis

A successful trade on GBPUSD today, click here to watch the analysis video!
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Bitcoin Dominance

Bitcoin Market Watch 25/03/2020

Can Bitcoin break $7,000? It is refreshing to see financial markets across the board bounce back with some bullish price action since the crash two weeks ago. In the case of cryptocurrencies, the total market cap has recovered more than $40 billion – now sitting at $185 million – and is being led by Bitcoin,...
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Understanding Volume

How volume affects the market at key decision levels. A good way to think of this…Imagine you’re driving a car, as you travel along the straight ( no support or resistance) we don’t need much fuel (volume) to cruise along. However, now we are approaching a hill (the resistance/support) If we continue without applying more pressure...
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Market Watch

Here are some of the Forex and Commodity markets we are currently watching,  potentially looking to find entries over the next few days.  Coffee is at a low but will we see a reversal?, Nat gas is trying to reverse after hitting support, has GBPUSD reversed or have we just seen a pullback? and  where...
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Supply and Demand Zones

I’ve put together a short video showing you how we use supply and demand zones, if you’ve traded using support and resistance levels you’ll find supply and demand zones similar. Personally i find supply and demand zones better than support and resistance but used together can give you great results as shown in the video...
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