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Trading Top Tip: Learn Before You Earn

A mistake most novices make is to try and jump straight in to the market, with no real idea what they are doing. I know, because I did exactly this. They inevitably wind up losing money, and most give up and join the rest of the 99% of people who lose money to the markets.

This is why I founded The Two Traders. So that aspiring traders could prepare themselves by learning HOW to trade before diving right in. 

There is a catch. Unfortunately, as much as you can learn beforehand, nothing can truly prepare you for the real thing. Some of the learning has to be done on the job. The emotional side of trading cannot be taught in a classroom – you will need to get your hands dirty and do some real trading. However, if you have learnt to manage your risk properly then you should be protected. Get your account ready and be prepared to study hard if you really want to make some money.

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